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    Whatsapp Tips and tricks

    The latest update on WhatsApp brought a few enhancing yet significant features you’d hate not to have and use. See them below :
    1. Integrated Google app : You can get translations of languages directly within the dialogue box, get definitions of words without having to leave Whatsapp while chatting ;
    2. Delivery info : You can now know the number of those whom your message has been delivered to and those who have read your message in a group. Just press and hold the sent message and select the “I” option at the top of the screen to reveal those who have seen the message, and those it has been delivered to. You can also send multiple contacts at once to a friend;
    3. Updated privacy : You can choose to allow your read receipt be visible to you contacts, and also choose those you want to see your Display Picture (dp), Status posts. To turn this on, go to settings under Whatsapp, Accounts, Privacy. They are under privacy;
    4. Pin- or unpin - contacts : You can now pin contacts (only 3 for now) to the top of the list of those you are chatting with for easy access. Just press and hold a contact and select “pin” from the options that appear at the top ;
    5. Playful Picture Editing tools : You can doodle, add text or Emojis to photos taken within Whatsapp or those under status . You can undo them as well. Just tap the back-facing arrow ;
    6. New design for interface of the voice and Video call : You now swipe up to answer voice and video calls and swipe up still to reject both types of calls ;
    7. Screen flash : Even if your device has no front flash, the integrated front flash in Whatsapp comes in the form of a really bright, blank page that illuminates your face even in the dark . To get that feature, go to the camera under Whatsapp and press the shutter. By the way, it works with photos and videos and in poorly illuminated areas;
    8. GIF search : Within the chat field -under emoticon- locate the Gif option below so as to search for any Gif you want to use to express any feeling from ‘lol’, “ROTFL”, “sneezing” to any other type of feeling;
    9. Simultaneous upload of multiple Status photos : Now you may send several photos at once to your Status at once. To do so, go to status, select the photos by check a box at the top right, and send as usual. All selected photos will appear on your Status;
    10. Text design features : Now you can make a test bold, strikethrough it, or transform it to italics. All three features can be achieved using different symbol combinations (_+_ , *+*, ~+~,) or just copy all and select among the Bold,Italic,or Strikethrough options.

    NOTE: If your last seen and read receipts are off, you will not be able to see those of others.
    You app has to be up-to-date before you can enjoy the new features .
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