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Amazing New features of the Google App

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  • Amazing New features of the Google App

    The recent updates of the Google app brought amazing features that very few know about. Trust me, those features can make you get a lot done even while you socialize. See the Features below:
    1. System-wide Integration : Within each of app that allows typing and message exchange - social media apps inclusive- you can get direct translations of popular languages of interest, get definitions of words and share the meanings within that same social media app, get 360 (back ,forth, up, down) direction of the cursor . Tap the Google icon to reveal the dialogue box so you can type a new word to get its meaning. Again, tap the Google app icon, then tap an ‘I’ with arrows on both sides. This arrow feature is most useful when you want to move within a long text ;
    2. One-handed use : this enables those with large- screen devices to chat with one hand even with roomy screen ;
    3. Customizable keyboard: You can design – with colors and images- the keyboard to the way that suits you. Tap the Google icon, tap the icon that looks like a palette to go to settings for customizing the keyboard;
    4. Shortcut to Keyboard settings: This is a very fast way to locate the keyboard settings. Within the SNS app, tap the Goggle app icon to locate the keyboard settings and edit to the way that suits you;
    5. Voice commands even when the phone is Idle: You can ask Google to call a friend, play your songs, send Whatsapp (via dictation) and Messenger messages, activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, get directions or a list of hotels close to you etc. Just say “ok Google”, send the command you are good to go.
    6. Tailor-made info: You get pop-up messages- news (entertainment and otherwise) - according to the websites you visit frequently through Chrome.
    7. Language translation: You can send a message to a chat partner even in a language to cannot write or speak. To get this, tap the Google (G) icon, select the first option from the left (after the back arrow). Above the dialogue box (the place you type the message into), you will see the language options. Change to the ones you want, and you are set.

    Those are the exciting, new features of the Google app. The more you use it, the better you get at it and the more it gets personal through info it feeds it. Go try it out! Enjoy!

    NOTE: Your Google app needs be up-to-date and activated for you to enjoy or use those features, especially the voice commands.