Android users and enthusiasts have gone gaga over Android Nougat – version 7.0 releasing later this year. Let’s take a look at the latest features that Nougat comes packed with to know what the excitement is all about.

Made App Switching Easier

As the first look of Android Nougat shows, the new operating system will have an ‘Overview’ button next to the home button, which will aid the user in jumping apps. This is feature is extremely handy, especially because with the Overview button, the user can simply open the last app he was on without having to shuffle through recently closed app windows – something every android user was looking forward to.

Clear All Button

A feature that has been missing from android – a clear all button has been added in the latest version. This feature was only available for those, whose device manufacturer provided them with it. Unlike the previous times, everyone with Android Nougat will get to utilize it. Now everyone can clear all the recently closed apps in one go, which makes it much simpler than having to swipe them off one by one.

Multi-Window Feature

What’s even better than the revamped Recent Apps feature is, Android Nougat letting you access two apps side-by-side. This feature comes in as a bonus for people who’re looking for more productivity on their smartphones. The user will simply have to press the overview button and it’ll launch the multi-window mode, which will come with a divider between two apps. In case a device manufacturer allows you to, the app window can be resized as per your needs.

Direct Reply without Going to the App

This feature will allow users to reply to any incoming messages without even opening the tab. You can simply do it through the notifications tab. According to Google, this Android Nougat feature will work with any messaging app that provides support to the notification APIs software tools.

Optimized Battery Life

With the amount of CPU usage the Android Operating System takes, a Smartphone’s battery drains sooner than you expect. To top this, there are other applications running in the background. With Nougat, Google has worked on optimizing a phone’s battery life by lowering activity for apps open in the background. Also, they’ve made ‘Doze’ – the low-power mode – to be utilized on-the-go.

Quick Settings

This feature, although had been introduced with Android Jelly Bean, was somehow discontinued in the latter versions. With Android Nougat, Google has got this feature back and that too with a twist. Earlier, the Quick Settings feature gave users direct access to frequently used options. Nougat will do the same along with letting you customize the things you want appearing when you access this tool.

New Camera Features

With new camera features, taking pictures, or shooting videos becomes a simpler deal. For now, Google lets you assign the volume up and down buttons to either zoom, shutter or volume itself. Also, unlike the camera tools now, the timer, HDR and flash show up in a band at the top. Another change in the camera is that ‘Google Photos’ will now be replaced with an ‘All Photos’ option.